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Bernardsville Community Music Video

Let’s have some fun, Bville!

We invite everyone to create a fun video to the song “Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship (yep, the song from Mannequin!). Go all out and make a crazy video, simply sing along to the lyrics, get the kids dancing, whatever you choose to do, make sure to get it to us by Saturday, April 4 at 9pm!

Submit Your Videos Here: Dropbox Bernardsville Community Videos then let us know you’ve submitted one by emailing

We’ll collect everyone’s videos, take a portion of it, and edit them together to make one community video to the song.

This project came to us from our awesome mayor, Mary Jane Canose, and we couldn’t help but jump on this super fun idea! Since we all have to stay home as a result of this continuing pandemic, let’s make the most of it and have some fun. For those of you ill or caring for ill loved ones, we hope the creation of this video will bring a smile to your faces, even for just a few moments in this difficult time.

No matter what your situation currently, we hope this project will help bring us all together in a time that we simply cannot physically be together. Remember, have fun with this, and stay home, safe and healthy!


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