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Who is the Downtown Bernardsville Community Alliance?

While this group’s intention is focused on downtown improvement, its true core is the community. It’s “We.” It was “we” who started it and it is we that will be able to make a difference and improve our town. This is a place for all of us; the residents, the schools, the shoppers, the businesses, the officials, and anyone else who just wants to see a thriving community, to meet and speak about positive ideas, events, and commerce for Bernardsville.

The logistics.
Since Bernardsville Special Events’ goals are in line with the goals of this group, we will be merging our efforts to minimize having too many groups working on the same goals. A meeting will be scheduled each quarter where the entire community will have the opportunity to come together. There will be additional meetings throughout the year for businesses, which may include workshops, learning sessions, mastermind brainstorming, and the like, based on a subscription level.

Regardless of which subscription in which you choose to participate, all local businesses will be supported on the directory with support of listing any events that they might be having in their locations for free at any time. We believe that all businesses should be recognized as that is what the Alliance stands for.

ALL Bernardsville events will also be supported on free of charge and can be submitted any time by your event organizers. The site events will be monitored to ensure they are within our city limits and appropriate for the public.

As we expand efforts to support the revitalization of Bernardsville, the Downtown Bernardsville Community Alliance is a newly formed branch of our Special Events organization created to connect our community and businesses together. Various available subscription levels will provide businesses with promotional opportunities, event fee discounts, information directly from members of the community and so much more.  If we have learned anything from our first few events, it is that working TOGETHER makes all the difference to rebuild a thriving Bernardsville.

We are here to help support our town and intend to do so in the form of education, promotional opportunities, communication, events, networking and community involvement. Take full advantage of your membership, get involved and participate in all this group has to offer. 

Business Subscriber Options & Benefits

Businesses who subscribe to the Downtown Bernardsville Community Alliance will have access to information, meetings, marketing opportunities, networking and discounts on events throughout the year. We will continue to seek new opportunities for member perks and enhance your membership as the years progress.

We want to help Bernardsville businesses succeed. To do this, providing our businesses with marketing support in the areas that your customers will actually find your information is key. We thrive off of today’s competitive landscape of social media, email promotion, event management and so much more.

Consider subscribing to the Downtown Bernardsville Community Alliance as a strong component of your marketing objectives and become involved in the community! More information will soon be released regarding membership options for individuals, families, students, and businesses.

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